Ways to Create a Company Culture like Google

Ways to Create a Company Culture like Google

As gigantic and successful companies have illustrated in the past, it is indeed possible to run a successful business while having fun at the same time. Google is a perfect example to support this theory. Besides big companies, it is possible for smaller companies also to create a productive and unique culture without spending millions.

The best way is to create an organization which encourages fostering an incredible company culture enabling employees to be more productive and develops their knowledge. Here are some ways which can help you create a productive culture similar to Google’s.

Make Sure your Employees are Happy

Ultimately a healthy work culture in an organization revolves around keeping its employees happy and satisfied. Happy employees tend to be excited when reporting to work and prove to be more productive for the company. In fact, Google had employed happiness officers in its organization to make sure that they have happy employees in the organization who bring bright ideas to the table. Happy employees also tend to stay longer with the company.

Make a Detailed List

Every company has their own list of priorities in their culture. For few, innovation is important while for companies like Google creativity is also important. You also need to do a self-assessment regarding your company and the attributes you need to encourage in the company. Make a detailed list and try to inculcate everything which can encourage creating certain exemplary cultural values within the company.

Communicate Core Corporate Values to Employees

By zeroing in on important values you would want to incorporate in your mission statement, you will get a good grasp about the pillars which your organization is based on. This is critical as employees also should be able to understand what your organization believes in. In the case of Google, its core values are based on empowerment, fun and freedom for their employees while avoiding micromanagement.

Providing Incentives

Additional incentives, besides the salary is something which increases employee happiness index and retention rate. The old approach is to handle incentives in such a way that they are tied to sales performance and bonus. However, that is old school now. Google introduced free food as a significant perk for their employees. The introduction of mentoring programs is also of great value for employees. Being recognized for their achievements is also highly valued and appreciated by employees.

Rewarding the Length of Time Spent in a Company

Happy employees mean that they would want to stay longer in your company as they love their job and the work culture you have created in the workplace. Organize mini functions for recognizing employees who have served for a good amount of time and have contributed significantly with every passing year. This shows other employees how much you value someone’s contribution and service. Present them with some gifts which can remind them of how the company values their service.

Creating a Democratic Atmosphere

In Google, the absence of a top-down hierarchy level system has given rise to a more democratic system wherein employees can voice their opinions and ideas. The company does recognize that there is a greater value in recognizing a difference in opinions than stifling the diversity. Small business can also emulate this principle and arrange for a more democratic set up within their organization which allows people to question the rationale behind decisions though they might disagree with them as per their opinion.

Make Time for Leisure

Google as a company has proved that it doesn’t have to be all work and no play for the employees. Google has provided its employees with leisure options, including games such as billiards which employees can play to get refreshed and take a short break from work. They have even arranged for fitness facilities to get them moving. However, as a small business, you can do other things for your employees by providing facilities for relaxing for some time in the office premises within a grueling daily schedule and to bring about a positive atmosphere.

Some of the special occasions to be celebrated can include birthday celebrations for every employee and the anniversary of the company’s founding date. Making employees appreciated definitely brings astounding results for encouraging a positive culture in the company.

Providing some Freedom to your Employees

If you don’t give any freedom to your employees to express their opinions and ideas, it is detrimental to the company. Without a healthy environment, employees despite contributing new ideas and giving suggestions due to the fear of rejection. On the other hand, Google gives reasonable freedom to its employees and these are usually innovative ideas created from the bottom up. Productive companies always encourage the exchange of new ideas and suggestions which go a long way for increasing productivity of the company.

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