Top 25 SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2019-20

Search engine optimization is essential for digital marketing for all business sizes. It is a technique that can help you’re your website get more traffic and higher ranking and visibility in SERPs.

Since it is a digital age; there is a huge demand for SEO experts. So, if you are trying to land an interview in this field, these interview questions answers will help you a lot.

Q1. Name the two SEO types.

 Off-page SEO and On-page SEO.

Q2. Explain the outbound link.

A link on a site that can link to various other websites is called as an outbound link.

Q3. Explain page rank.

Google provides a rank to every web page according to its algorithm which is known as page rank.

Q4. Name a few tools which you are familiar with in SEO.

Common tools are SEO Moz, Google webmaster, and analytics. You can also tell them about all the SEO tools.

Q5. Name four Meta tags that are important in SEO and their state their character limit.

  • Keyword Meta tag- 200 limit
  • Meta robot tag- N/A
  • Description Meta tag- 150 limit
  • Title Meta tag- 60 limit

Q6. Define an anchor tag.

The anchor tag is the clickable text of a hyperlink. It should be a relevant text and not a generic term.

Q7. Explain 301 redirects.

It is a technique via which a user gets redirected to a new URL from an old one.

Q8. Define Googlebot.

It is a type of software which Google uses as a search bot for indexing a web page.

Q9. State common SEO mistakes.

  • Optimizing for wrong keywords
  • Using low-quality content
  • Not focusing on link quality, instead of focusing on link quantity
  • No Meta tags or description
  • Using the same anchor text for all links

Q10. What do you mean by robots.txt?

It is a procedure through which websites communicate with web robots and web crawlers.

Q11. State the methods you can apply for decreasing a website’s loading time.

  • Optimizing image without losing its quality
  • Optimization of CSS delivery
  • Browser caching

Q12. Explain the term keyword difficulty

It defines the level of difficulty search engine faces to rank a keyword due to its popularity.

Q13. Define the SEO-friendly URL.

A URL is termed as SEO-friendly when it has proper file and length structure.

Q14. Explain the landing page.

A landing page is a web page that works as an entry point for a site or any of its pages.

Q15. Explain the panda update.

It was first released in 2011 and aims to lower the ranking of low-quality websites in the search engines and return the top spot to high-quality websites.

Q16. Explain Keyword proximity.

Keyword proximity is the distance between two keywords in a webpage.

Q17. What do you mean by DA?

DA or domain authority is a score created by Moz. It predicts the ranking of a website on SERPs.

Q18. Explain Google’s pigeon update.

It was released in 2014, and it aims to increase search engine ranking of local listings.

Q19. Explain the Bounce rate.

It’s the percentage of users to a specific website who left the site and moved on to other pages.

Q20. What is the criterion that decides the uniqueness of a page?

  • Code similarity
  • Page names
  • Text similarities
  • Headings
  • Titles
  • Meta Tags

Q21. Mention some black hat techniques that you should avoid.

  • Doorway pages
  • Link farming
  • Hidden text and,
  • Keyword stuffing.

Q22. What to do after Google bans your site for indulging in black hat techniques?

Rectify your malpractices, and then apply for re-inclusion.

Q23. Explain Google’s rich answer box.

It is an attempt by Google to answer the query of the searcher without them having to click on the link.

Q24. State the character limit of robot.txt file.

500 kb

Q25. Explain backlinks.

All incoming links to a site or a page are called backlinks.

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