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Google Plus is quite a powerful tool for promoting your business online. It might not stand anywhere in terms of popularity the way Facebook and Twitter does, but it surely has its own significance for smart marketers. Downplaying it as a social media tool can only be termed as big blunder for any business. The fact is that an active and regularly updated Google Plus profile can really boost the rankings of your business on Google and increase your sphere of influence within your business network. Here are some valuable tips which can help you stay ahead and rank well while using Google Plus as a social marketing platform. Using Google Plus for SEO benefits Google Authorship is a great SEO tool to increase your rankings in Google search. It has been thoroughly observed that your posts start getting stood out from the text results and increase in clicks. All you have to do is to add a link to your blog or your business website and also include a link to the Google Plus profile at the end of every post you publish. A Google Plus Authorship basically shows the author’s name within it’s Google Plus profile in search engine result pages beside their web address. Other benefits for using Google Authorship is that it also adds a human element to your profile and increases its trustworthiness in the eyes of Google. Another additional feature of Google Plus is +1. A +1 is an equivalent for a Like in case of Facebook. This means that the more +1’s your posts will get, the better it is for your website in terms of ranking. Therefore you should do make all attempts possible to increase the +1s for every post you publish on Google Plus. Completing your Profile Google Plus posts are a wonderful opportunity to promote your products and services. However, for doing that effectively, you should take as much time as possible to fill out your profile completely and correctly. Incomplete profiles do not serve any purpose. Every field you fill in your profile is a golden opportunity to be in relevant results on Google search result pages. This implies that if you want to present a professional profile, you should describe your business as much clearly as possible and also link your website as a call to action so that people can visit your website and know more about your business. Google Plus, also enables you to set up your local business page giving info about the location and reviews/ratings for your business. These are seen by other people who visit your Google Plus and adds to your credibility and trust within the industry. This acts as a valid proof that people are satisfied customers after using your products and services. It is proper to encourage your shoppers or customers to leave reviews and ratings for your business. In fact, Reviews always increase and boost search rankings on both Google as well as Google Plus. Post Frequent Content Since Google Plus is linked to the Search engine giant – Google, so the more frequently you will post on this, the more often your brand will show up on searches. You should post frequent and original content on Google Plus, while using relevant keywords from SEO point of view so that your post gets indexed frequently by Google. Posting regularly and building your audience while connecting with them and promoting it is significant. Being a part of Google Communities Google Communities are the perfect place for people who share similar interests and belong to the same industry and niche. Being a part of various communities can help you interact with the intended target audience as well as influencers in order to promote your brand. Sharing the content on other people’s posts as well as commenting on them will give you an added advantage for being proactively involved in the online community. Google communities serve the same purpose as Linkedin and Facebook. You can designate people in different groups within your Google Plus account known as Google Plus Circles. This is useful for participating and sharing your relevant content within niche groups for gaining promotion and increasing engagement of your brand. Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is a free video chat service offered by Google. Hangouts have also being utilized for announcements, customer support, have question and answer sessions, webinars and more. It can help a business help to generate its visibility and promote itself in its own niche. Now Hangouts is Hangouts on Air which gives you the tremendous feature to live stream a chat on YouTube. This is a wonderful way to have the ability to keep sharing and using the content later too. One of the most awesome features of Hangouts is Hangouts on Air which gives you the ability to live stream any chat to YouTube. This enables you to increase the size of your audience for your Hangouts, and to be able to keep using this content later./p> Google Plus for Reviews You should always encourage users to leave reviews regarding your business. At times, even offering an incentive in exchange for a review works quite well for gaining more reviews. The Reviewer needs to be someone from your inner circle. These reviews are visible and shown to people who have the Reviewers within their inner circles. For the people who see your reviews, this act as a valid proof because the review is provided by someone they already know quite well. As a latest development, the Reviewers require having a Google Plus page and having Google Reviews continues to be a huge factor in enhancing local visibility of any product or service.

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