5 Things to Think About When Considering the Impact of Social on SEO

5 Things to Think About When Considering the Impact of Social on SEO

Social Links may or may not boost your search rank

Does Google really consider social media accounts links you publish on your website as credible backlinks? Do links attached to viral blogs helps to boost the ranking of that post in search engines? According to many known marketers, the links of social media accounts present on your websites impact your website’s ranking. The links published on the social media platforms are considered as credible backlinks which provide influential support to your web page’s rank. Twitter and Facebook are considered as different pages, hence for a particular information search your website is considered as one search and that information on your Facebook or Twitter account is considered as second and third searches. Which is why even if they are not impacting your website’s ranking, they are increasing your online presence.

Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines

As said in the point above whether social media platform accounts impact your web page’s ranking or not they help in increasing your website’s online presence. People can find you and your work easily if you are present on each of the platforms. More the platforms you use, more people will be aware of your work. For a particular Company name typed in Google search engine, Google+ always provide its full detail at the right-hand sidebar which is at the top of the searched result pages. Social media pages give a personal feel which is why they are great in sensing the personality of a particular company. There’s no doubt that for Google and for people who are searching you online, your social profiles matter the most.

Social Media Channels Are Search Engines, Too

Nowadays, people usually go to social media platforms more instead of going to Google or Bing to look up for stuff. As for example if people want to know about a particular company they either go to Twitter or LinkedIn. For visual content, they prefer to search on Instagram and Pinterest. Using hashtags in your content is a plus point because by using them the reach of your content increases many folds. All of the brands in this digital era are present on Facebook without any doubt. With more reviews, more followers, people will tend to trust you more. Before signing a deal with a particular company, people check their online status, before offering an offer letter in many cases most of the companies check applicant’s LinkedIn as well as other accounts, this also helps the company to judge whether the applicant is an extrovert or an introvert. Hence the presence of social media in your life is a must.

Not Now Doesn’t Mean Not Ever

If Google says it doesn’t provide any weight age to social media accounts in the ranking of your website, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be for forever. Accounts on social media platforms always play an important role in personal branding or creating the awareness about your company’s work. As in recent study it is found that in an internet minute 900,000 people log in to their Facebook account, 46,200 images are being uploaded on Instagram, 452,200 tweets are being sent and much more, indicating that social media platforms itself provide a huge amount of opportunity to make your work public and with one send click it is visible to n numbers of users. Hence there is no such reason that why social media platform accounts cannot be considered as an important source while listing your website in the search engine in near future.

Don’t Forget Bing

As you all know Bing is the second most used search engine is always have been clear about how its algorithm works. Google sometimes change the significance of social media platform, but Bing always considers them as a very important means of sharing the information among people. That’s why Bing gives a lot of weight age to social media accounts links. With the steady growth of its market shares, it will be the wise decision if companies like SMO include Bing in their SEO strategies. As said by Bing we do look at the social authority of a user, how many people follow you and how many people do you follow, which provides weight age to your listing or ranking in search results.

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    it’s possible that social media may not be able to boost your search rank. work on your content, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

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